AI hologram hosting the opening ceremony of Mustamäe state high school in September 2023

A special guest at a very special event – Greetings for the star of the party by the President himself, November 2022

Welcoming-introductory video for Rural Development Foundations (Maaelu Edendamise Sihtasutus) 30th Anniversary event. June 2023

Leaders of LKF for an anniversary event. April 2023

Hologram Production – September 2022

Tallinn Light Festival Valgus Kõnnib 2022 and 2023 “Öös on lugusid” / “There are Story’s in the Night” was visited by a mysterious storyteller from the past. Lennart Meri, performed by Egon Nuter, told stories about all Estonia’s presidents. The live-sized hologram was situated in Kadrioru park after sunset and the stories were enjoyed by people visiting the festival. Animations mixed with filmed character. Texts by Egon Nuter. Technical partner KNM Eesti.

Production services

Hosting an Indian movie-production company in Tallinn, May 2022

Coop Eesti

Time traveller video about the cooperative movement ‘s 120th anniversary in Estonia.

Digital Host for Conference “Noortevaldkonna Digihüpe” 2022.

Greip productions, digital host

Showreel 2019-2021

VR-solution for Estonian Sports And Olympic Museums’ exhibition X-Faktor.

You can have a go of the craziest extreme sports safely in VR. Fly a kite, try paragliding, enjoy speeding downhill with skis or BMX. Comfortable customized platform in Oculus Quest2.

Money Wisdom tutorial-game for Swedbank.

Introducing youngsters to the financial world. Making your own decisions and finding solutions in everyday life. What do You spend on? How can you earn? What are the threats and possibilitys with money? Full production of the solution – used at schools and events. Customized platform for Oculus Quest2 sets.

360° filmed VR-tour for Estonian National Television News Broadcast Anniversary – AK 65.

Tour around the studio with the host of the most famous News Broadcast in Estonia. Find out how everything works, where and what is going on before the news air. See who are the people behind the daily news broadcast – Aktuaalne Kaamera.

Hologram of the Ancient dog

Built in 3D and restored upon the drawings of historians. Holograpic “Ancient dog” hosts the guests of the exhibition “From cave to the human – the story of the Dog” at Estonian Historical Museum. An ancient tooth hologram starts the story of the dog. 3D visuals are supported by local voiceover.

AI  Host – the host of the Graduating show during the pandemic times.

Visual effects and production of the host for Taltech Univercity.

Videoproduction for AdFactory

How lightboxes are made.

Animations for a Nato conference

TVC and Holograms for Memorial Day 2021

Situated at Freedom Square (Vabaduse Väljak) Tallinn – Actors as holograms reading poetry for a full day, standing on the “Vagon of tears”. Memorial Day in June 2021. Technical solution of holograms – KNM Eesti.

Try the Vision of a dog – 360 filmed for VR-set.

The coloured world of humans changes a lot when approached as a dog. You can put on the VR-glasses in Estonian History Museum, at the exhibition of “The dog” and see, how dogs see our world.

Warm Christmas Miracle story in VR

Covid times – Real Santa was not allowed to meet children at their usual playgrounds. For this VR solution, the child could sit in front of Santas empty chair in a decorated Christmas room and Virtual Santa would then appear in the room with a lot of mysterious companions. It was presented for the smallest viewers in December 2020 at special showroom of the Rocca Al Mare Shopping Center. 

Impact Talks videoproduction.

Motivation speech and interview.


Hologram syncing to the story told in 2 projected screens. Hybrid solution for TÜ Delta house in Tartu. The storyline running parallelly on 3 screens. Changing places and dimensions. Interviews and presentations mixed with 3D inserts and toppings. Co-Production with FactorY Advertising.

Hologram about the future medical services. Holographic doctor in exhibition is talking from the future. AI, Data movement, environment, new methods –  just imagine. Co-Production with FactorY Advertising and TMD.

Historic event “Tartu rahu” is taking place again 100 years later around the historic table in Tartu City Museum. The real table is inside the Museum. Viewer puts on the headset and the environment changes to 100 years back. The delegations around the table start the debates. Graphics is the only modern piece – holographic charts, maps and information supports the content. Producer and creative, technical directing services. Co-production with Babahh Media.

The full virtual show – opening ceremony of Skyon Expo. Producer and creative services for Exponaut.

Full virtual show for World Cleanup Day. Producer services for Exponaut.

A Fashionshow around You

Fibit VR – sets are demonstrated to You personally. You can sit th headset on, see the links to the products the models wear and stop the show meanwhile for observing what you like. Producer, creative team member services. Co-production with Babahh Media and Stiilikanal for Viru Keskus. 2 Silver and 1 Gold Egg awards by Tuli, Estonian Marketers Association.

The famous paining inside the Museum, on the wall starts telling his story – Medieval Merchant Hans Viiant – wall projection production for Tallinn Museum. Co-Production with FactorY Advertising.

Drone-video for Kulinaaria Factory. Co-Production with Skycam.

Legendary Sports arenas – Filmed in 360 for Sports Museum – content production and platform. Co-production with Babahh Media.